The perfect balance between aerodynamics, weight and sustainability.

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Scope Cycling evolves, just like cycling. For the launch of the new rim collection, we developed a new e-commerce platform.


The development of a new e-commerce platform for Scope Cycling. Aimed at the professional and consumer markets, including a custom rim configurator.


In combination with the existing architecture, we have laid a solid e-commerce foundation that enables Scope Cycling to serve both the professional and the consumer markets. A minimalistic brand presentation where technology and experience come together.

“Since the very beginning of Scope, we stay best-in-class by continuously investing our efforts in the performance, quality, and design of our products.”

Nieck Busser - Scope Cycling

Smart rim configurator

The Scope rim configurator speeds up the quotation and sales processes and makes them less labour-intensive. The configurator makes it possible to independently and quickly put together a product with limited product knowledge and order it immediately. This makes it suitable not only for dealers and distributors, but also for the end customer.

The perfect balance between aerodynamics, weight and sustainability

Cyclists are continuously working on the development of equipment. Can it be made even lighter, faster and more beautiful. Every gram counts, but the aesthetic value should not be underestimated either. Carbon rims play a key role in the search for the ideal bike. With the Scope rim configurator, the ideal configuration is within reach.

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