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Please is an established name in HR. By taking personnel matters off your hands, Please helps SMEs to become more successful.


With a new visual identity and enhanced positioning, Please was ready for a new phase. Gewest13 was asked to translate the positioning into a campaign that causes ripples in the overcrowded HR pond.


In the new positioning of Please, one distinctive concept is central: employer power. A power that is indispensable if you want to excel as an entrepreneur. But also a power that not every entrepreneur automatically has. It is up to Gewest13 to put employer power on the map and expose it to the target group. With a dynamic and cross-media campaign.

Increase your employer power

Increase your employer power challenges entrepreneurs to grow as an employer. The greater your employer power, the more powerful your company.

This central campaign promise is based on a wide variety of employer tools and services; staffing, payrolling, back office, tools and advice from HR experts. All these services are given a place in a robust campaign with a tried and tested see-think-do phasing.

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