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360° city branding Nieuw Bergen
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Exceptionally luxury and ultra-modern look. In the heart of Eindhoven, Nieuw Bergen gives fashionable living a new meaning.


The 360° area branding of Nieuw Bergen. 238 homes with an exclusive character in the heart of Eindhoven. The iconic architecture of Architect MVRDV is combined with exceptional luxury and an ultra-modern look with respect for the environment. Gewest13 was responsible for the branding, website and the entire campaign.


In close collaboration with area developer SDK vastgoed , we have gradually developed the Nieuw Bergen brand. Branding sessions formed the basis of this area branding, in which the striking architecture plays a leading role. We then determined the target group based on lifestyle and demographic characteristics in order to arrive at a recognisable brand story.

Visuele identiteit van NIeuw Bergen door Gewest13

45 degrees

We see the 45-degree rule applied by architect MVRDV as a characteristic style element of Nieuw Bergen. It provides a unique architectural appearance and increases the liveability of the area by allowing maximum sunlight access. We also apply this 45-degree rule to the Nieuw Bergen wordmark.

Apartments to sell 238
Prospects approached 20.124
Direct registrations 7.896
Home preferences 824
Returning visitors 84%
Bounce rate 4%

The pay-off comes directly from the brand story. A powerful statement that fits the ambitions of a project like Nieuw Bergen.

Iconic living. own it.

Colour range

The total colour range of Nieuw Bergen is made up of three primary colours. Three secondary colours and seven tertiary colours for the buildings. The seven buildings were named after the seven prism colours (of Isaac Newton) that together make up the spectrum of white light. This is how Eindhoven City of Light takes on a new meaning.

The seven prism colours of Isaac Newton

In 1671, Isaac Newton discovered that white daylight is made up of exactly seven unique light colours, namely red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet. These colours become visible when daylight is refracted by a triangular shape, a prism. The shape of the prism has strong similarities with the building shapes of Nieuw Bergen. The seven prism colours together form the basis for the building names of Nieuw Bergen.


The seven prism colours expressed in wavelengths

Daylight consists of a mixture of radiation of different wavelengths. Every colour has a unique wavelength. We translate the seven unique prism colours into seven unique wavelengths that are expressed in numbers. For each building, we subtly reflect this in the design and in the entrance areas.

Website with perception and dynamics

An iconic project deserves an iconic website. We developed a website with an international character, where experience and dynamics are key themes. Visuals and photography are of high quality and visitors are constantly stimulated with the lifestyle they can embrace in Nieuw Bergen.

We rollen een crossmediale campagne uit met een hoofdrol voor online marketing waarin we communiceren op twee niveau's; op wijkniveau en gebouwniveau. Alle boodschappen liggen volledig in lijn met de boodschappen van het message house.

Hello Hello Hello Hello

( Nirvana )

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