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Bold. Brave. Beer. Brand.

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A small-scale family brewery with a rich history, located on the banks of the Beerze in the Brabant Kempen.


Despite the fact that the craft beer industry is very sensitive to trends, Beerze has been sailing its own course for years. An authentic family brewery with a rich history, from the Brabant Kempen. Our challenge lay in finding the precarious balance between innovation and traditional heritage for this beer branding.


Based on the brand positioning, we developed a new visual identity and translated this into the brand story. We transformed the traditional image into a contemporary identity with respect for the past.

Gewest13 provided a complete rebranding from corporate identity to packaging. From digital platforms to all promotional tools. Including glassware, boxes, coasters and tap lenses.

The brewer’s blood has flowed through the veins of the family for generations. The original brewery burned to the ground in 1904 but was rebuilt that same year.

The original brewery burned to the ground in 1904 but was rebuilt that same year. The toast that followed the completion symbolises Beerze and formed the basis for the branding for us.

The Toast
The toast from 1904, captured on camera, has been immortalised on our behalf by a scraperboard illustrator from London. This craft drawing style fits in seamlessly with the characterful brand and is reflected in every Beerze beer label. The original brewery burned to the ground in 1904 but was rebuilt that same year.


Craft printing

We also reverted to traditional techniques for printing. The scraperboard illustration retains its warm appearance due to the full printing on uncoated paper. With foil stamping in two colours, we add a subtle style element.

Bold. Brave. Beer.

Beerze’s pay-off also serves as the basis for the brand-enhancing product line. Under the name Bold. Brave. Basics, branded and limited Beerze fashion is being developed. And, among other things, a cycling basics line is being developed under the name Bold. Brave. Bicycle. As a result, Beerze’s branding is steadily moving from catering to the street scene.


  • Creative input: Jasper Langenhoff
  • Art direction and design: Tom Eele
  • Photography: Jeroen van de Wielen
  • Mood photography: Gijs Spierings
  • Illustration: Fred van Deelen
  • Creative basics: Bas van Poppel

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