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Gewest13 is an agency that thinks both creative and digital. We combine strategic brand power with digital experiences for award-winning websites and amazing campaigns
that convert.

Digital & web

  • Digitale strategy
  • UX/UI/CX design
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • E-commerce

Digital campagne

  • Social media campagne

Digital experience

  • Digitale strategy
  • Experience design
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality


The world is becoming more digital but brands are still about human emotions. That is why our work always starts with a well-considered strategy. It arises from the core of your brand, whether it’s a website or an online campaign.

Web development

We develop websites that push boundaries by combining strategy, design and storytelling. Our team consists of strategists, designers and developers who like to set the bar high and jump over it together. Why we do this? To stand out in the digital landscape. To create impact!


Digital campaigns

A brand is only strong if it reaches the right audience. A message is only relevant if it is heard. Everything we make is made public through the myriad channels available to us. Bannering, advertising, video content or interactive applications. This can be done digitally, online, virtually or old-fashioned tangibly. But always in the heart of the target group.


The retail playing field has changed radically and continues to evolve. Gewest13 ensures your brand continues to move. With your target group, technology, time and your ambitions. We like to use Woocommerce or Shopify and create an e-commerce platform that fits seamlessly with the identity and ambition of your brand or company.


Digital experience design

Your audience is served thousands of messages every day. There are plenty of choices. People no longer opt for a product or service, but for brands with a higher purpose. The right values, real emotions. Because surprise is the best way to be relevant and stay ahead of the competition, we create unexpected brand experiences with digital experience design. At any time and on any device.

We never just create a website. We prefer to operate at the intersection of experience, conversion and design.

— Ruben van Grinsven, Creative developer Gewest13

Challengers of the status quo

Digital case: We are WAES Experience website

WAES is a Dutch software consultancy company that specialises in large-scale cloud development.

Gewest13 created a new concept, design, content strategy and technology framework that digitally transformed the brand.

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The perfect balance between aerodynamics, weight and sustainability.

Digital case: Scope Cycling e-commerce

The development of a new e-commerce platform for Scope Cycling. Aimed at the professional and consumer markets, including a custom rim configurator.

In combination with the existing architecture, we have laid a solid e-commerce foundation that enables Scope Cycling to serve both the professional and the consumer markets. A minimalistic brand presentation where technology and experience come together.

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