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Gewest13 is a creative agency for branding and brand positioning. We think from the inside out. Branding starts with the fire that burns within. Based on a solid strategic foundation, we choose a position and share it with the world.

Brand identity

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand hierarchy
  • Brand values
  • Brand name
  • Brand pay-off
  • Tone of voice

Visual identity

  • Corporate identity design
  • Logo design
  • Packaging design

Brand communication & experience

  • Brand story
  • Visual communication concept
  • Visual design
  • Digital + Graphic design
  • Experience design
  • Brand campaign
  • Social media


  • Brand book
  • Brand compass

We reduce the essence of your brand to one sentence or better yet, one word. Minimising takes guts. Making tough choices. Changing direction. So you can communicate with the core of your story.

Brand identity,
the core of your brand

Choosing what to leave out. In that case,
you also choose what you stand for.

The core of the story. What is your DNA? Who are you? What do you stand for? Your why. We can challenge your existing strategy or get to the essence in branding sessions. As far as we are concerned, this is always authentic, relevant and distinctive. That is the only way to get through to critical target groups that are inundated by brand messages on a daily basis.

Visual identity, the visual
representation of your brand

If we know who your brand is on the inside, we can start on the outside. We create a powerful and unique visual identity (or corporate identity, visual brand identity).

Design stripped to the essentials. The outside fits like a glove, the inside fits like a tailor-made suit. Averse to trends. We believe in timeless and minimalist design with a long future. But before that, we first hit the breadth, and then the depth. We work from a longlist to a shortlist and are happy to give clients a look behind the scenes. We document your visual identity in a brand manual or style guide. A practical working document for everyone who will be using your brand. Internally and externally. We take into account usage in all major channels, from website to social and from film to brochure.


Message, the communication of your brand

Standing out opens the door for interaction. Branding manifests itself in a thousand ways. We deliver what is needed to help your brand or organisation further. Sometimes, that is a brand book that documents your visual identity in detail. But it may also be a website or mixed reality application that stimulates your target group until they get goosebumps.

What do you really want to say? How are you going to say this? On which medium? And what visual language do we speak? Before we answer these questions, we build a messaging house on the strategic foundation. The roof is the overarching message under which various messages or PMCs are housed. We then take the step to a strong visual communication concept or a recognisable cross-media campaign. We don’t believe in standard brands or standard solutions.

Branding manifests itself in a thousand ways. We deliver what is needed to help your brand or organisation further and that stimulates your target group until they get goosebumps.

— Tom Eele, Creative director Gewest13

A magnet for customers, talent and innovation.

Branding case: Brainport Industries Campus

After an extensive pitch process, Brainport Industries Campus has chosen Gewest13 for the complete positioning and branding of Brainport Industries Campus.



In close collaboration with SDK vastgoed, the Municipality of Eindhoven, the Province of Brabant, BOM and Brainport Industries, Gewest13 has developed a powerful identity that radiates its international, innovative character. We are also responsible for all offline and online means of communication.

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An ultra-modern look with respect for the environment.

Branding case: Nieuw Bergen

On behalf of SDK vastgoed , Gewest13 was responsible for the complete positioning, branding and web development of the Nieuw Bergen project in the heart of Eindhoven. The iconic architecture of Architect MVRDV is combined with exceptional luxury and an ultra-modern look with respect for the environment. Gewest13 has the honour to develop a website that does justice to this exclusive project.

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